Advertising & Marketing for your beauty salon

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Help your business grow with our marketing team..

 Do you have all these skills and products in your business and you do not know how to get out there ?

 Are you thinking you should have another job to support your dream job, but you do not know how to get out there…. and you are like, how am i going to pay my bills with…


No customers!

No bookings!

No enquires ! see i was in your position and i did something about it.


I did not want to do a useless day time stable job. I wanted my own freedom and stability.


I then started to advertise for my business, not long after that i found out the key purpose to advertising and marketing. After being successful in how to market my business, i decided to advertise for other people. Then their success came pretty quickly and they were too busy to even speak with me. Helping clients after covid and seeing them happy makes me so happy, so now after some hesitation, i am taking on more clients so i can see a smile on more faces.


Now the deal is, i only take on certain clients. And i am one person who does not like procrastination as i like to see results like yesterday! I am just as impatient as you are and i am pretty confident in making businesses grow and fast.


So if you do want me to advertise with you, please make sure you understand this is what i want in a client.


Strong mindset..

No procrastination..

You will have to accept our straight forwardness on how to change your business.

We teach you on how to speak with customers and how to get the correct clients.


We work fast and we can do work.



Advertising for someone’s business is very personalised everybody and every business is very different so this is why we would need to chat to you before we can realistically help you and set your goals.


We will call you to speak to you on how we can bring your business to the next level.

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