Microdermabrasion , Hydrafacial, Microneedling, BB Glow & facial course ( 5 in 1)

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Sick of paying thousands of dollars for just one course?
Well, if you sign up to our 5 in 1 courses including  our very generous discounted kit you wont need to go anywhere.

Study smarter not harder!

These particular treatments is where clients pay because they need to come in every 4-6 weeks. They need to come back for a treatment plan.

Skin is in.
These services are the ones where your client NEEDS to come back for. You would need your clients coming back once a week, even sometimes  2- 3 times per week  depending on their treatment and we have our therapists coming in live on zoom calls to tell you all about it and they have decades of experience.

What is in the Kit?
5 in 1 Course✨
✨ Facial courses
✨ Microdermabrasion
✨ Hydrofacial
✨ Microneedling  
✨ BB Glow

a very generous unique kit combined.

Classes  for Facial courses and microdermabrasion will be completely ready  April 20th!..  hold these courses for this price....

How we teach?
There are modules online ready for you to watch and then there is live training as well.
We send you the kit and then book in a date and time to assess you for either a sent video of you doing a procedure and then we book in a zoom session one on one for feedback.


We do after support classes. So even if you purchased the course 1 year ago, you can come on our live zoom calls, meet the other girls and ask questions about the subject you purchased and learn even more, because we can never stop learning.

With this kit you will receive a goddess crystallised quartz cooling mask which feels insanely amazing on the face after micro-needling.... we only can do 5 kits for this price....

What is in the Kit?

Servicing over 70 - 100 clients with this starter Pack!
1 x Pigment cleanser 150ml
1 x Peel 80ml
1 x Foam cleanser 80ml
1 x 5 units Colour Booster sample pack
1x bb glow light ivory
1x bb glow vanilla
1x bb glow sand
1x bb glow caramel
1x bb glow mocha (darkest)
10 x Whitening serums
10 x  Skin booster Serum
10x  Gold salmon Dna
1x  35ml Hyaluronic
1x  35ml Anti-Aging Skin Tightening
1x  35ml Acne Serum
1x  Hair loss Serum
1 x Repair Cream (100 pouches)
1x  Vital Cream bottle
1 x Cooling Gel 200 ml
10x Disposable masks
10x Collagen mini bottles

jelly / mache masks:
1x gold mask 500g
1x skin tightening mask 500g

1 x Microdermabrasion & Hydrafacial device 🔥🔥
1 x Goddess Pink  mask or Black goddess mask (crystal mask) 🔥🔥

FREE choose 1:
1 x FREE Microneedling DEVICE M8 ULTRA 🔥🔥
1x Lip Booster plumper
(because of the heaviness of the kit and the amount of items, your package maybe split into 3 deliveries)

Treatments usually cost between per hour $250 - $500
Duration: 30 mins to 1 hour

Hold the price.

The 5 in 1 comes with the device for micro-needling, hydro-facial and mircodermabrasion .  We do outline in our workshops which products, best brands to use.

We do understand we can have a demanding schedule, so we have made our workshops easy and is all online learning that does not require you to attend any in person training. The workshop is all completed online in your own time at your own pace.

Total Theory Manuals - 5

Total Modules - 5

Total Video Lessons - 12

We love our students to have a connection and  communication with their trainer over zoom calls, so if you have purchased this workshop or any of our workshops, you will have a private invite on zoom and you meet the rest of the girls.
You can ask questions live on zoom and learn so much more. Even if you have bought the workshop 2 years ago you are always invited.