The course that sucks up blackheads like a vacuum cleaner

      This treatment can suck up all that gunk from your skin.  Suck up  blackheads that are ready to come off your skin. It helps rejuvenates your skin and it is a show shopper when your clients are revealed with how much THEIR pores are being clogged up and getting sucked up clean.

      It gives you an unreachable cleanse to your face. 

      And this is why this treatment stands out and the reason why you will stand out!

      Hydra facial is a reset button to your skin.

      HydraFacial  helps hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. It has immediate results and NO downtime. Not only is it safe for most skin types, it is customised to skin needs 

      and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone, skin firmness and dullness.

      How much do HydraFacials cost?  

      Ranging from $199-$300

      Duration: 30 mins

      Learn with our dermal therapist educator: Emma Fox

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      12 products