Probio Peel - Beauty Comes True Academy
Probio Peel 60ml
Probio Peel 60ml
Probio Peel - Beauty Comes True Academy
Probio Peel 60ml
Probio Peel 60ml

Probio Peel 60ml

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Probio Peel

To get the best predictable results with the Bio Matrix Peel products you must use the system. All the pre and post products have been designed to work together giving you the desired results. 

If you don’t use the correct products then your treatment then becomes a bit hit and miss. Will it work or won’t it work! 

This is a combination peel, using Lactic Acid, Lactobionic acid and Gluconolactone acid 

These products pass through the cell membrane giving a uniform exposure to the products It is gentle and safe to use on all skins, but can work on oily skins. Promotes cell renewal and provides moisturising properties. 

Known for their lifting and plumping effect, it also fights acne and helps to fight inflammation, controls sebum and has a profound whitening effect by evening out skin colour. 


  • Great for sensitive skins 
  • Rough thickened skin 
  • Hyperpigmentation 
  • Fine lines 
  • Mild acne 
  • Can be used close to the eye area 


  • Pregnancy 
  • Breast feeding 
  • Sunburn 
  • Broken skin 
  • Inflamed skin 

All season. Deeply moisturizing. Anti-aging.

40%. Does not require neutralization. pH 3.0 - 3.2. 

BIOMATRIX  PROBIO  PEEL is a professional peeling based on propylene glycol. In the composition, which lysates, glycanolactone and lactobionic acids, as a result - a flash effect and strong hydration. 

Release form:

  • Bottle with pipette cap 30 ml.


  • Signs of photo- and chronoaging;
  • Hyperkeratosis;
  • Dry, sensitive, dehydrated skin;
  • Decreased skin tone and elasticity;
  • Dull color, pigmentation;
  • Oily skin, enlarged pores;
  • Problematic skin and post-acne manifestation;
  • "Smoker's Tired Skin".


  • Provides deep hydration
  • Possesses immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory action;
  • Instant lifting effect, ideal skin relief and narrowing of pores;
  • Peeling - instant radiance;
  • Atraumatic procedure;
  • Superficial peeling with a comfortable texture for a specialist (does not require neutralization);
  • Comfortable for the patient, because it does not cause a burning sensation.


Lactic acid 25%;

Gluconolactone 10%

Lactobionic acid 5%

propylene glycol