About Us

 Combine a highly educated skin therapist and a marketing expert. 

Emma and Maggie decided team up and help future beauty educators succeed in education and marketing.

You need both to really make your business work.

Emma  Fox: Dermal therapist educator:

Emma has been a dermal therapist, laser therapist, beauty therapist for nearly 20 years.  Her passion is skin. She always wanted to treat skin conditions and was always attracted to healing skin. Was not interested in the other beauty aspects that came with the typical beautician roles.

She has worked with Danne King DMK for over 10 years and also has been a trainer via the RTO for 10 years teaching in Tafe and private colleges.

Emma  also has worked for skin clinics, laser clinics in Melbourne and Queensland.

Now an educator and also a skin therapist to her clients, Emma's greatest passion is to teach her knowledge to future and existing skin therapists.



Maggie Peters: Marketing / business advertising coach

 Maggie has been a singer, songwriter since she was 5. Growing up she always had marketing around her. 

During her musical career, she was signed 3 times where it was taken to the next level of writing and marketing. In these years she was forced to see what listeners and watchers really needed to see in a professional sense. 

Maggie also did marketing for a few underground music studios that focused on  bands and to hear their music and to let watchers know their side of their story. She also grew their business within 3 - 6 months of managing and marketing.

In these years maggie was a vocal coach, a massage therapist, social worker and eventually went into criminology. She wanted to help the people that were impossible to heal in society 's and made it her life purpose to heal abused prisoners and figure out their missing key to their past and focus on helping and healing the mind.

Her main purpose in  her career was to help. Help all kinds of struggling entrepreneurs to make their idea be noticed.

  It gives her great happiness she has helped into making small business into consistent flowing income.