About Us

Hi, I’m Maggie

Founder of Beauty Comes True Academy

My passion is helping others and making people feel beautiful inside and out. This has made me become an educator in the marketing and beauty world.

I want to empower women to be successful. I have had many classes and worked in many salons and the only problem was after support. This is why I started all this.

I also never knew how to run a business, spending so much money on nothing worked! All that money wasted and it was hurting my dreams into running a successful business, but after many mistakes and a few career changes including criminology, This has led me to marketing and having highly trained beauty trainers with us educating upcoming different skills in Beauty Education.

Which brings me to the next goal in life. Helping others become successful! Because this was missing.

'What happens after you skill up'?? What happens after?

With our knowledge, passion and ongoing support we can help you grow a lucrative business with the secrets on how to market yourself. I am happy to announce our niche is beauty training, human behaviour and marketing/ advertising services that can be life changing.

Did you ever skill up in the beauty industry and say to yourself ‘I can not wait to have some income to help out with the bills’ And then you felt frustrated that you were not being noticed in your business and you feel stuck?

I am letting you know that i have been there, done that and I am so happy to say that my girls that i mentored are cleaning up so well! Even if you are brand new, we know how to help you, and fast!

“We believe the REAL training begins after your training has finished”