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5 in 1 BB Glow, Microneedling, Dermaplaning, Facials Jelly masks & hydrotherapy

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Learn 5 skills 

  • 💎 Bb glow
  • 💎 Microneedling
  • 💎 Dermaplaning
  • 💎 Facials / skin for beginners
  • 💎Hydrotherapy

 All the essentials to start your business:

What is in the Kit? 

  • 1 x Cleanser 150ml
  • 1 x Peel 80ml
  • 1 x foam cleanser
  • 5x  7ml bb glow sampler set
  • 1 x whitening serum
  • 1 x peptide hyra 3.5% 
  • 1x  hairloss serum 
  • 1x  Acne serum
  • 1x  Vitamin C gel
  • 1 x 100 pouches Repair Cream
  • 1 x cooling gel
  • 10x collagen powder
  • 1x brush 
  • 1x bowl
  • 1x B3 moisturiser
  • Dermaplanning Kit
  • 1x box of Blades
  • 1x blade holder
  • 1x derma-planning box
  • 1x facial oil

1 x FREE Microneedling DEVICE M8 ULTRA 🔥🔥

2x cartridges



The biggest module we have, not only you will learn BB Glow, you will learn how to talk to your clients. 

Learn heavily about ingredients and how to talk to your clients about BB GLOW as we do not only teach with technique. With this module alone we teach you how to make your photos look beautiful on instagram but also there are alot of past zoom calls from students who ask questions regarding BB GLOW.

Hands down the most needed facial you will ever need! This technique can soften wrinkles, help soften acne scars and just makes your skin look smoother! In this module we will teach you 3 different techniques and how to help with hair loss as well.

If you need a refresher and need to know what kind of cleansers/ ingredients you need to use on your clients face, this will go in depth with skin concerns and what to use on your clients.

Dermaplanning The treatment is a must need for anyone's face. This gives your face a smooth start to do a package of microneedling & BB Glow packages. It gives you an unreachable cleanse to your clients face.

Hydrotherapy Learn from our dermal therapist Emma on how she does her hydra facials in a subtle way. This has many benefits for sensitive skin and is one of the main facials you can add to your menu of services.



We love our students to have a connection and  communication with their trainer over zoom calls, so if you have purchased this workshop or any of our workshops, you will have a private invite on zoom and you meet the rest of the girls.
You can ask questions live on zoom and learn so much more.
Even if you have bought the workshop 2 years ago you are always invited.
Kit updated october 27th 2021.
Due to some stock issues, some items maybe replaced due to stock issues..