eyebrow extension kit  + course (LED LIGHT)
eyebrow extension kit  + course (LED LIGHT)
eyebrow extension kit  + course (LED LIGHT)
eyebrow extension kit  + course (LED LIGHT)
eyebrow extension kit  + course (LED LIGHT)
eyebrow extension kit  + course (LED LIGHT)

eyebrow extension kit + course (LED LIGHT)

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Brow extensions will be your next service that will be popular in your salon. Hardly anyone does this and now it is your chance to be the talk of town. Ditch the painful tattoo guns, you can make brows thicker, hairy and make clients stands out. 

No one 'my brows are too thin' or 'you did a mistake with the ink marks'

This is the next big thing. Buy this for the presale price. We cannot wait till you are popular.

At Beauty Comes True Academy, our Eyebrow Extension Course is meticulously crafted to empower aspiring beauty professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the field of eyebrow extensions. Here's what you can expect to find inside our comprehensive course:


What is in the course:

1. Introduction to Eyebrow Extensions: We begin with an overview of eyebrow extensions, their history, and their significance in the beauty industry.

2. Understanding Eyebrow Anatomy: Students will learn about the anatomy of the eyebrows, including hair growth patterns, eyebrow shapes, and bone structure.

3. Health and Safety Protocols: We prioritise safety in our training, covering topics such as sanitation, hygiene practices, and client consultations to ensure a safe working environment.

4. Eyebrow Extension Techniques: Our course delves into various eyebrow extension techniques, including strand-by-strand application, feathering, and shaping for different client preferences.

5. Product Knowledge and Selection: Students will gain insights into different eyebrow extension products available in the market, learning how to choose the right materials for optimal results.

6. Video practical: We believe in experiential learning, providing ample opportunities for students to practice their skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.

7. Client Management and Aftercare: Beyond the application process, we emphasise the importance of client communication, aftercare instructions, and maintenance to ensure long-lasting results and client satisfaction.

8.Business and Marketing Strategies: Our course also covers essential business aspects, including pricing strategies, marketing techniques, and building a successful eyebrow extension business.

9. Certification and Support: Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certification from Beauty Comes True Academy, validating their skills and expertise. Additionally, we offer ongoing support and resources to help our graduates thrive in their careers.

With a blend of theoretical knowledge, practical skills training, and business insights, our Eyebrow Extension Course equips students with everything they need to embark on a successful journey in the beauty industry. Join us at Beauty Comes True Academy and unlock your potential in eyebrow extensions today!

Our Teaching Approach:

Our course is designed with a blend of PowerPoint presentations and recorded sessions, acknowledging the fast-paced nature of your daily life. Our aim is to provide a seamless learning experience where you can easily watch, unwind, and absorb both theoretical knowledge and practical skills at your convenience. We've streamlined the course to respect your time, with the understanding that both time and skills are valuable assets.

Upon completion, you may find yourself in a position to charge between $100 to $250 per service offered.

Maintenance Services:

We also cover the essentials of maintenance, which is typically required every 2 to 4 weeks.

The fees for maintenance services start from $80 to $200, varying according to the aftercare needs of your clients.

Limited stocks, if you follow us you know our kits and courses usually are very limited.

What you receive in our generous kit:

  • 1 x  light brown eyebrow extensions
  • 1 x medium brown eyebrow extensions
  • 1 x  dark brown eyebrow extensions
  • 1 x  black eyebrow extensions
  • 1 x glue
  • 1 x scissors
  • 1 x straight tweezers
  • 1 x curved tweezer
  • 1x multi tweezer 
  • 1x case
  • 1x glue remover
  • 1 x packet rings
  • 2 x brown long extensions 
  • 1x eyebrow ruler
  • LED light 

  • EYEBROW EXTENSION KIT - Eyebrow Extensions & Eyebrow Extension Glue and Tools Everything You Need To Do Eyebrow Extensions
  • EYEBROW TRAYS - There Are Four Trays of Eyebrow Extensions - Blonde, Light Brown, Brown, and Black, Each Tray is Mixed in Lengths 5-8 mm mix
  • EYEBROW EXTENSION SUPPLIES - Everything You Need To Create Stunning Eyebrow Extensions
  • Eyebrow Glue Is Great For Professionals And Lasts For 3- 6 Weeks. Easy To Remove And Is Waterproof. Can Be Used On Blonde, Light Brown, Brown, And Black Eyebrow Extensions.

  • LED Ring Light Product Details:
  • Streaming LED Stream Light
  • 1. Three Light Modes(White, Warm white, Warm yellow)
  • 2. Steady Tripod Stand with Anti-Slip Feet / 10 Lighting Brightness Levels
  • 3. Universal Phone Holder(2.36"to 3.35" in width, only for 26cm ring light)
  • Quick and Easy Assembly, Disassembly
  • 4. adjustable light stand suit for universal high,and very stable .
  • 5. With the studio to fill the light photo, portrait self-timer fill light .
  • 6. Photo studio ring led light USB plug fill light .
  • 7. Suitable for many social ,such as making up , Video Live ,studio light ,Photography.
  • Package Include:
  • Please see the picture detail