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Brow tint course

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 Develop the skills you need to competently offer m eyelash and eyebrow tinting treatments to clients.

 These  treatments can be used together to deliver high quality beauty results to enhance the eye area to reduce the need for daily make up application and routines.

 Learn how to apply eyelash and eyebrow tint and further techniques used to enhance the eyelashes and eyebrows.

 This workshop will show you  how to consult, plan and prepare for client eye treatments, salon safety and hygiene and how to work safely and effectively when providing treatments.

 The Lash Tint – Brow Tint Online Training course also explores the contra-indications that may prevent or restrict eye treatments, hair anatomy and physiology, equipment, materials, products and treatment planning and providing aftercare advice for clients.

Highlights of The Lash Tint – Brow Tint Online Training:

  • Develop a solid understanding of eye and eyelashes anatomy and understand the vision and the visual system
  • Familiarise with the general hygiene practices and learn how to maintain a safe, secure and hygiene salon
  • Learn how to receive and schedule clients and deliver customer services to clients
  • Familiarise with the contra-indications and contra actions
  • Understand the environmental conditions that are suitable for eyelash and eyebrow treatments
  • Familiarise with the various available types of eyelash and eyebrow treatments and their benefits
  • Gain sufficient knowledge of various tinting products and the usage guidelines
  • Get a deeper understanding of lash tinting procedure and learn how it works
  • Learn about eyebrow types and shapes to complement a range of face shapes

Each module will be available for 3 months, if needed longer please request.