How to charge your clients for salons & services

How to charge your clients for salons & services

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Are you lost or have no idea what to charge your clients? It is the most important decision you need for your business.

Imagine selling 20,000 services and you need to to charge $5 more? This is a $100,000 mistake!

Your salon strategy  is one of the most important things when you start your salon business . It’s also something that you need to update and we will teach you the successful way to charge your clients.

While coming up with a price list for your salon services might seem a bit intimidating at first, don’t worry we have opened up a salon, we have made many mistakes and we know how to charge.

In order to set the right salon prices, you’ll need to understand how they’re calculated and how to charge overheads, not because everyone is charging in your area the same prices, you will loose out.

All of this together will help you to see the “big picture” and come up with a plan for how to price your hair services.

We will show you how our accountants advise with our hard work and knowledge has helped many students with their business. We’ll go over some effective pricing strategies as well as what to think about when setting profitable salon prices.

We’ll also take a look at some of the tools and tips available to help you come up with the best salon pricing formula for your business.