Fat cavitation online course

Fat cavitation online course

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  • This course is designed for anyone from beginner to professional who wishes to learn and understand the application of non-surgical body contouring treatments.


This course pulls from a whole range of applied sciences and integrates them with professional studies, health, beauty, customer care, clinical nutrition, hydration, and exercise etc. By the time the student has completed this course, they will possess the academic and understanding to be able to integrate and apply everything learned and be able to practice safely and effectively in these areas. Applying Cavitation for fat lipolysis. Muscle toning and Radio frequency skin tightening. Ultimately being able to offer your clients real results without the cost or risk involved in cosmetic surgery. It will also make you more financially secure as your successful client base develops and grows, you'll soon be rushed off your feet.

This course lays the foundations for undertaking further advanced courses in Cavitation (Fat Lipolysis). Faradic (Muscle Toning). RF & Vacuum (Skin Tightening and Lymphatic Drainage). These advanced courses are currently in development and will be released as they become available.