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Cell Factory Glow calming cell 35ml

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 Volume 35 ml
Skin Benefit Shoothing · Moisturizing

Product Function

It is a gentle and soothing ampoule that gently and thoroughly treats sensitive skin caused by external stimulation. can take appropriate amount with a syringe applicator hygienically. You can also blend with other Cell Factory ampoule to apply onto the affected area.

How to use

After applying toner, with the syringe applicator put in, lift the bottle upside down and then take an appropriate amount on your hand to apply onto the face. After use, keep the syringe applicator put in.

-A DIY blending ampoule that can be mixed with other Cell Factory Ampoules with the applicator.
-A brightening and anti-aging ampoule that shines the skin as a powerful glow booster.
-The watery and light ampoule cares the dead skin cells, smoothing the skin texture healthily.


Suggested Use: 
1 Pull up the cap and open
2 Hold the bottle upsidedown with the applicator injected and then dispense the desired amount.
3 Place the container upright, and take out the applicator. Dispense the content on your hands and apply on your face.
4 Store with the appilcator inserted.