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Curestem cell healer C20 (highest strength of placenta)

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Product Function

The CURESTEM product helps the skin to rapidly regenerate and recover when applied after the skin laser treatments such as skin toning, laser treatment and skin peeling.  

Cell Healer C10, Intensive regeneration care powder ampoule with stably freeze-dried 200,000ppm of human cord blood cell conditioned media and advanced anti-inflammatory effect.  

How to Use

After opening the via, blend CURESTEM Skin Relaxer or Saline with CURESTEM Cell Healer C10 thoroughly, Put the enclosed rubber cone on the mixture vial, shake gently to mix. Squeeze to drop an appropriate amount on the skin and spread evenly for absorption.


The GD11 Curestem Cell Healer C10 Relaxer Kit contains 100,000ppm of human cord blood cell conditioned media. This serum improves skin sensitivity, elasticity and skin regeneration. This skin relaxer serum works well with all skin types and will deliver dramatic results.

  • 2ml x 10 Vials
  • 100,000ppm human cord blood cell conditioned media
  • Works with all skin types


  • Blend with CURESTEM Cell Healer C10 thoroughly and apply to your skin.
  • ½ of the mixture is applied and absorbed with the MTS procedure and ½ is applied and absorbed during the soothing phase with the electroporation device.
  • Best to use all of the product at once. This product is active it should be used same day for best results.



You will receive 2 boxes and 10 vials each