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Facial & Jelly mask course with skin concerns

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Facials & Jelly masks

If you are new to facials or if you need guidance or if you are confused with your courses you have done before and do not know which products to use on your face or your clients face or would like more education on products in general, this workshop can help you.

You will learn how to deal with skin concerns, jelly mask application, 4 different educators on facial products and facials, you will learn how to use the products and what kind of treatments you would need to do for certain skin concerns.

Hours of video footage to make this fun and easy for you to learn.

Helping clients with their insecurities means more customers in your door...Learn from our dermal and beauty therapist trainers about what to use on your skin or clients. Or you just need advice for yourself. Well you have the trainer to yourself and ask as many questions as you want in the comfort in your own home.


Our facial course features jelly masks but the basics of skin and facials. Great for beginners or wanting to learn more about skin and products, ingredients. It also features  LED therapy. Treatments to help  below the surface of your skin and refresh you each day with intentions readdressing dullness or troubles like lines, dark spots, acne scars.


Facials & Jelly masks

Course contents:

  • Workplace Health & Safety requirements
  • Insurance
  • Introduction to facials
  • Explanation of the Fitzpatrick scale
  • Skin conditions
  • Skin types and how to treat them
  • Skin types and how to treat them after care
  • Skin types and how to incorporate other facials and treatments


over 20 Videos

  • Application of Jelly Mask
  • Facials for skin conditions
  • techniques and products used
  • Dermal Therapist demonstration facials and discusses  products and skin
  • Skin conditions
  • Advice for clients with various skin types and conditions
  • Advice on how to book in clients consistently
  • How to speak to clients for their treatments
  • Assessing each skin condition
  • and many more……


Learn at your own pace and get ready to be assessed by our educators when you are ready online with personal interaction. With this interaction we want to know all of our students so we can have constant communication in helping you the best way we can.

Expand your services and have knowledge from the best. Due to covid deliveries, it will take up to 14 days for deliveries. 

No refunds are given once online portal is open.

examples of what you will learn

Video Modules:

With our facial course we have knowledge about different skin concerns and what facial is best for each skin condition with our dermal therapist and our skin therapist.

* Facials treating Acne

* skin concerns

* LED Therapy

* Jelly Mask application

* hot towel techniques

* Usage of products, ingredients and why we use particular products on skin 

  • Skin types
  • Skin conditions
  • Acne skin conditions
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Facial procedures
  • How to use a Hot Towel
  • Toners and Serums
  • Products and Ingredients
  • Live model demonstrations



Learn the intro of Skin basics, Facials & Jelly Masks

This workshop will teach you aspects of what to look for with each skin type.How to do facials?

What kind of facials?

Which skin concerns suit each facials?

We do understand we can have a demanding schedule, so we have made our facial workshop easy and is all online learning that does not require you to attend any in person training. The workshop is all completed online in your own time at your own pace.

It covers certain skin types and why you do facials and how. 

What are the best combined skills to help clients skin.


I have purchased my course, when can the module open ?
You will find an automated email from us (please check your junk mail if you do not have it within your usual mailbox) as we guide you to the creation of your account. Once your account is made, we will then grant access to your enrolled workshop within 24-48 hours ⚡️
Once your enrolment is complete you can begin your course!
What kind of support do you offer for your online students?
We love our students to have a connection and  communication with their trainer over zoom calls, so if you have purchased this workshop or any of our workshops, you will have a private invite on zoom and you meet the rest of the girls.
You can ask questions live on zoom and learn so much more. Even if you have bought the workshop 2 years ago you are always invited.
Each module will be available for 3 months, if needed longer please request.