Hot stone heated massage kit
Hot stone heated massage kit
Hot stone heated massage kit
Hot stone heated massage kit

Hot stone heated massage kit

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This product is a hot stone set specially designed for weight loss treatment. It is aimed at the structural characteristics of several major fat areas such as human calves, thighs, buttocks, waist, arms, shoulders and necks, stomach and abdomen. A kind of hot stone, which can massage waist, legs, arms and other parts, especially for female customers to shape their
bodies. Combined with slimming cream, slimming essential oil, and with the help of hot stones
to transfer energy, the pores are enlarged and the nutrients for slimming are fully and
efficiently absorbed.


16 pieces large Basalt hot stone set.

The Ovular Basalt Stones are the most popular choice of stones used by therapists as not only do they retain heat due to their high polished finish, but they are also the most comfortable and convenient shaped stone to use.

It's designed for treatments on the backside, stomach, arm, thigh, calf and back of the neck.

All Basalt is rich with iron and magnesium, which make this stone very effective in massage treatments.

 The rounded, narrower edges can also be used to pressurize and knead particularly tense muscles and areas during treatments.

 100% Natural Black Basalt; Excellent for holding heat for long periods of time; Rich with iron and magnesium.

Shaped and polished by traditional handcraft, no wax, dyestuff, chemicals were applied. Basalt is excellent for holding heat for long periods of time and has very low radiation which makes this rock a much more healthy and beneficial stone for use.



100% brand new and high quality



7PCS Stone Size:4*3*0.6cm

10PCS Stone Size:6*6*2cm

16PCS Stone Size:8pcs*4*3cm+4pcs*8*6cm+4pcs*8*8cm


Package Includes:

7/10/16 x Ovular Basalt Stones