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Jelly Masks TRAINING:

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With our dermal therapist Emma and Mannie.

What is a  HydroJelly Mask?

A jelly mask feels like “jelly".

Hydro jelly masks can have many Benefits on

the skin.

It can also provide various benefits to the skin.

Benefits including:



🌸reduces inflammation

🌸Tones the skin

🌸Can help to exfoliate

🌸Plumps ups the skin

🌸Cleanses the skin

Hydration masks can be placed when eyes are closed if suitable.

This mask comes in a form of powder and can go on any shape of the face.

What is in a Jelly Mask?

The common answer would be vitamins, hyaluronic acid, which gives the skin hydration.

Can Jelly Masks Be used with other treatments?

Yes, with our training at beauty comes true, We show you which treatments can be suitable with hydro jelly masks before and after.