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Mache pearl masks 500g

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Pearl mask helps with stImulation and collegen. The Botox of the mache family. Goes well with our hydronic acid serum. 

What is Mache MASKS ?


🌺 High absorptivity

🌺 Skin wastes removal

🌺 Skin whitening

🌺 Skin tightening


The MACHE MASK is a powder type mask. Your face will look super smooth especially mixed with our serums !


When it is mixed with our food skin ampules or water, it is hardened like rubber to make vacuum between skin and mask.


This vacuum effect absorbs the moisturizing and nutritional ingredients of the mask more efficiently through the skin. It also cools down the skin through cooling effect and removes wastes and sebum from the skin.


Use these amazing masks as a add on to your services. Tag us and peel the masks on and make your social media pop!


Pricing with treatments:  $30 - $80 per treatment you can

Duration: 10 mins

Usage: 1kg up to 20 clients & over