Microneedling course with Kit  CLEARANCE (1 Kits left)
Microneedling course with Kit  CLEARANCE (1 Kits left)
Microneedling course with Kit  CLEARANCE (1 Kits left)
Microneedling course with Kit  CLEARANCE (1 Kits left)

Microneedling course with Kit CLEARANCE (1 Kits left)

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    Microneedling course with hairloss kit 
    Learn micro-needling and receive our generous kit.
    What is in the kit
    • 1 x Peel 80ml
    • 1x Pigment cleanser
    • 1 x Cleanser foam 80ml
    • 1x Anti-aging serum 
    • 1x hydra serum or acne serum
    • 1x  salmon dna serum or hair loss
    • 1 x Revital Cream bottle
    • 10 x hydra sheet masks

General hourly income:

🧚🏻Microneedling $200 - $500 

Microneedling course..

Have you ever been taught 2 different ways? We teach you the general beautician and then the dermal therapist way of how to micro-needle the skin. Let me tell you how different this is. Not only will you be taught out to do the technique but you will learn alot more than what you have paid for. Our therapists tells you her secrets of why she does her microneedling the way she does.  This course is also for existing technicians who also want to learn next level about facials and microneedling. A microneedling course you do not want to miss out on.

Microneedling is one of the best services you can offer to your clients. They can soften scars and make your clients skin look glass like, silky smooth with your 'ready to go' kits. Microneedling acts like a natural botox that can help with fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles under the eyes.

You will make your clients have a doll like, baby face, glass skin. Your clients will always need you to come back to them.

Microneedling helps with: 

  • 🌿Acne scarring
  • 🌿Sunspots 
  • 🌿Scarring 
  • 🌿Stretch marks
  • 🌿Hair loss
  • 🌿Pigmentation/ hyperpigmentation 
  • 🌿Whiten skin
  • 🌿Uneven skin tone
  • 🌿tightening 
  • 🌿Wrinkles
  • 🌿 anti-aging 
  • 🌿 including hair-loss

Microneedling beginners to advanced with Hairloss

Course Content

  •  Serums
  •  Information about microneedling
  •  Fitzpatrick Scale
  •  Led Light Therapy
  •  Microneedling cartridges & speed theory
  •  Understanding microneedling video demonstration
  •  Information about microneedling LIVE
  •  Demonstration video- Case study on frequently needled skin on mature skin
  •  Needling training with our educators
  •  Demonstration Video- Case study needling on sensitive skin
  •  Hair Loss microneedling Video
  • How to use microneedling for different skins and needle depth including hair loss and stamping
  • Serums to buy for MTS procedure
  • Video live micro-needling
  •  Videos Serum
  •  Tutorial 3 in 1
  • Video microneedling case study for sensitive skin
  • Video microneedling case study technique
Help more clients with your new skills and add so many more services to your beauty list.  Learn online, learn as you.
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