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Placenta Rx Cell treatment mask

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 Volume 23ml x 6 Units
Skin Benefit Moisturizing · Elasticity ·Brightening · Wrinkle reducing

Product Function

It is a daily face mask that contains the power of a cell treatment to care your skin firms and elastic. It forms a skin moisturizing barrier on the weakened skin from external stimulation, making your skin firm and healthy.

How to use

After cleansing, tidy up your skin texture with toner, take out the face mask, and wear the face mask. After 10~20 minutes, remove the mask and let the remaining ampoule absorbed into your skin.


GD11 Premium Ampoule Mask Facial Mask 1 Pack Of 6 PCS

Skin Type: All

For : Nourishing and Healing

Smoothing Fine Lines Moisturizing And Nourishing Mask 

The premium intensive mask containing all the nourishments of the ampoule to supply nutrition and restore your tired skin for healthier skin.

It has strong repairing ability and can improve the problem of thick and greasy pore. Make skin tender, smooth and shiny. It can also release collagen, relieve fine lines and improve skin elasticity.

Made in Korea, 6pcs*(30ml essence +0.3g powder) When you use it, you need to push the essence of the lower layer onto the upper layer to soak the mask paper, so that the freeze-dried powder is fully dissolved in the mask. Then put the mask on your face