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Premium RX Cell treatment program 1

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 Volume Cell treatment 100mg + 5ml Solution
Skin Benefit Soothing, moisturising, brightening, wrinkle reducing

Product Function

By freeze-drying the human cord blood cell conditioned media to contain the active ingredient intact, it strengthens the efficacy of the product by mixing an elasticity enhancing energy ampoule right before you use it. With premium home clinic care, it helps brighten your skin tone and remove wrinkles, restoring skin elasticity and depth to make your skin high in density.

How to use

After opening each vial, add the solution ampoule to the powder vial. Put the enclosed vial cone on the mixture vial and gently shake it. Apply an appropriate amount of the mixture onto your skin and spread evenly for absorption.




Premium RX Cell Treatment Program 1 Plus
2 ml + 5 ml x 2 vials only
Nutritional skin care with effects
that seem to have program management in aesthetic.
Premium Home Clinic Care.
Skin elasticity effect.
[How to use]
How To Open The Container.
1. Lift the transparent cap of the container in the direction of the arrow to remove it.
2. Grasp the gold aluminum cap handle and pull it down to open it.
3. Remove the aluminum cap and rubber plug.

How To Use
1. After opening the container, place the Vital Solution
in the Cell Treatment container.
2. Shake it, mix it well,
and apply the appropriate amount to your face to absorb it.