Products, serums and ingredients course
Facial Masks & Products workshop - Beauty Comes True Academy
Products, serums and ingredients course
Facial Masks & Products workshop - Beauty Comes True Academy

Products, serums and ingredients course

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  • Course Overview: Over 300 Skincare Ingredients, Products, and Care from A to Z

    Course Description: Dive into the comprehensive world of skincare with our extensive course, covering over 300 skincare ingredients, products, and care techniques from A to Z. Designed for beauty professionals, enthusiasts, and anyone looking to deepen their understanding of skincare, this course offers an in-depth exploration of the essential components that make up effective skincare routines and products. You'll gain knowledge on a wide range of ingredients—understanding their benefits, uses, and how they interact with different skin types and concerns. From the fundamentals of daily skincare to advanced treatment options and emerging trends, this course equips you with the expertise to make informed choices and recommendations.

  • When: 5th of March
  • Time: 6pm Sydney /Melbourne time
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  • What You Will Learn:

    • Comprehensive Ingredient Knowledge: Master the properties, benefits, and uses of over 300 skincare ingredients, including vitamins, acids, botanicals, and more.
    • Product Insights: Navigate through an array of skincare products, from cleansers and moisturizers to serums and sunscreens, learning how to choose the right products for various skin types and concerns.
    • Skincare Techniques: Understand the principles behind building effective skincare routines, incorporating products for optimal results, and addressing specific skin issues like acne, aging, and hyperpigmentation.
    • Emerging Trends: Stay ahead of the curve with insights into the latest in skincare technology, ingredients, and practices shaping the future of skincare.
    • Practical Applications: Apply your knowledge through case studies, interactive workshops, and real-life scenarios to tailor skincare routines and treatments for individual needs.

    Modules Overview:

    1. Introduction to Skincare Science: Anatomy of the skin, understanding product labels, and the science behind skincare ingredients.
    2. The Ingredients Encyclopedia: An A-Z guide to over 300 skincare ingredients, their sources, benefits, and how to incorporate them into skincare routines.
    3. Product Library: Deep dive into skincare products across categories, learning to select and recommend products based on formulation, skin type, and concerns.
    4. Skincare Routines Decoded: Crafting personalized skincare routines, layering products correctly, and special considerations for various skin conditions.
    5. Advanced Skincare Solutions: Exploring professional treatments, the role of diet and lifestyle in skin health, and preventive skincare practices.
    6. The Future of Skincare: Innovations in skincare, sustainable beauty trends, and preparing for the evolving landscape of skincare needs and solutions.

    Who This Course Is For:

    • Beauty industry professionals looking to enhance their expertise.
    • Skincare enthusiasts eager to expand their knowledge.
    • Individuals seeking to make informed decisions about their skincare practices.