Teeth whitening course
Teeth whitening - Beauty Comes True Academy
Teeth whitening course
Teeth whitening - Beauty Comes True Academy

Teeth whitening course

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How You Can Use Teeth Whitening Skill 
Are you thinking of a skill that will help you earn a lot of money? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then Teeth Whitening is the skill you need to learn today! Everyone wants a smile that is beautiful and vibrant; however, very often people suffer from discoloured teeth or stained teeth. So one way you can help such people and add a lot of money in your pocket is by learning Teeth Whitening.


Teeth whitening course course Content

  •  What causes tooth staining?
  • Whitening VS bleaching
  • How Does Teeth Whitening Work?
  • How White Can You Go?
  • Teeth Whitening Risks & Sensitivities
  • Who Shouldn’t Have Teeth Whitening?
  • Hygiene and Safety
  • Understanding the teeth shade guide
  • Teeth Whitening Procedure
  • After Whitening Care
  • Client Consent Form
  • Insurance

This workshop does not come with a kit, however, we do outline the best brands, and where to buy.

We understand that every business owner has a  schedule, so we have created an easy to listen  bundle that does not require you to attend any in-person training in person. 
However if required we so offer one on one zoom calls if help is needed.
due . The workshop  is all completed online in your own time at your own pace.

Duration: 1 day course, learn as you go.

Treatments: Usually cost between per hour $80 - $150

Practicals: Yes we need video footage or a live call to be assessed. 

  • Assessments -  verbal answers direction from your tutor.
  • Appointment based

Entry Requirement & Prerequisites : None

Depending on our educator you will have to do a live zoom call assessment or send out video footage of your assessment. You will only be certified after our educator has approved your technique.

After support:

We are known for our after support, so we believe the real skill is after you learn. We pride ourselves in knowledge so this module is always updated for your knowledge.

Learn at your own pace and get ready to be assessed by our educators when you are ready online with personal interaction. With this interaction we want to know all of our students so we can have constant communication in helping you the best way we can.

 No refunds with all courses.