Crystal healing facial course
Crystal Healing facial Massage workshop - Beauty Comes True Academy
Crystal healing facial course
Crystal Healing facial Massage workshop - Beauty Comes True Academy

Crystal healing facial course

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Learn crystal healing massage

God left us with beautiful stones on this earth to heal and we have come up with our unique blends of aromatherapy and massage techniques combined with crystal healing. 

In this course you will learn how to heal your clients headaches, stress and tension as you will be only using your one thing that doesn’t have  a delivery fee. Use your hands and quartz stones to relax your clients and have passive income.

Believe me after this massage you will give your clients, they will be wanting more and they would come for this beautiful  crystal healing infused with your hands and tools every week as they would crave for you to take away their pain in their neck but also the deep relaxation they need to get away.

In this course you will learn:

🧚🏻 crystal healing massage🧚🏻

🌸  how to give facials but with unique infused hands that are infused with Thai, Chinese, remedial and Swedish to keep their blood flow giving.

🌸  Relieve the tension and stress that your clients would be craving to book you in weekly to fortnightly.

🦋 Gua Sha technique🦋

Using crystal stone tools with this amazing side to massage, we use to relieve a lot of stress with these tools alone. With the cooling sensation of the stones they release and heal the built up tension , and lucky for you they do not need any pressure or effort from you, you would just need to know how to use them and we show you our unique way to infuse this with massage therapy not just strokes. 

This also helps with blood flow and minimises  the knots in your body with hardly no effort at all. 

💎Roller Quartz technique💎

This little gorgeous tool is known to help with the slimming and minimising your wrinkles.  A lot of people use this just to apply with moisturiser every morning when they wake up and you can see your blood flow when you use this technique on your face. This also helps with the drainage in the face and also brightens the face.

 These amazing tools that has been out for decades helps reduce underneath the area of eyes and the appearance of puffiness, helping you achieve a more refreshed, wide-awake look. 


Because it has a cooling effect of gliding the quartz stone on your face is also known to help calm skin and reduce the look of redness incorporating the stones that we love we have combined the Gua Sha technique.

With this course you can also incorporate this with your facials to make you stand out from the rest of your competition. 

Hourly rate to charge $100 -$150

Duration of the Learn Crystal Healing Massage.



🌺Extra facts in this course🌺

💎Charging your clients up to $100 to $250 per hour

In this video:

💎 Up to 4 hours of footage 

💎how time cleanse stones 

💎 Guiding you which oils to use and why

💎Which stones to use and which one is recommended

💎How to use this in your everyday facial services


7 videos

3 Techniques 

💎Facial Massage with Stones

💎Gua Sha

💎Crystal Massage

💎Rose Quartz Roller massage

There are no refunds with all courses online. Your modules should be open within the 24 hours to 72 hour period after purchase and you will be notified by email and have a onboarding meeting with our educator. This is mandatory so we can assess you as soon as possible.