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Intimate whitening course

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It’s no secret. Vagina whitening is part of self-beautification. Your clients need to feel their intimate body parts match the rest of your body.

Don’t let your clients be embarrassed about the appearance of their intimate parts and afraid to show it to anyone, so make sure you stand out 

from your competition and put this on your menu. The more services the more income and clients you will receive.

In this class there will be a model to show you how Fay our educator shows you how she does her treatments and what to expect.

Come learn everything you need to know where students should be prepared for surprises when instructors share their tricks-of-the-trade.

You must be certified in beauty or skin basics to earn a certificate. Learn how to perform this treatment safely in order to protect your clients and have them trust you more! Learn about anatomy, safe ingredients, how to do a proper consultation for this specific treatment.

This course covers the following:
* What causes discolouration
* consultation
* safety precautions
* contraindications to treatment
* female anatomy
* pre and post treatment protocols
* procedure
* home care advice

Live zoom call dates will be notified via email.

Our educator Fay has 40 years of experience in beauty.

Each module will be available for 3 months, if needed longer please request.