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Lactic acid peel 20% 100ml

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Acne Treatment: Lactic acid has mild antibacterial properties that can help to combat acne-causing bacteria on the skin's surface. By eliminating these bacteria, it reduces the risk of new breakouts and helps to clear existing acne lesions.

Unclogs Pores: Lactic acid exfoliates the skin and helps to unclog pores by dissolving excess oil, dirt, and debris trapped within them. By keeping the pores clear, it reduces the likelihood of pore blockages that lead to acne formation.

Reduces Inflammation:Lactic acid has anti-inflammatory properties that can help to calm redness, swelling, and irritation associated with acne. It soothes inflamed skin and promotes a more balanced complexion.

Incorporating lactic acid into your skincare routine can contribute to clearer, healthier-looking skin by addressing various factors contributing to acne development. However, it's essential to use it as part of a comprehensive skincare regimen tailored to your skin type and concerns for optimal results.

This usually lasts between 50 - 80 clients depending on the layers you apply and clients skin.

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